Acting, On-Camera Audition & Improvisation Classes for Kids

  • Build core theatre skills in movement, voice and character
  • Develop confidence and creativity through drama exercises, games and improv activities
  • Learn how to work On-Camera
  • Work collaboratively with their peers to foster teamwork, confidence and trust
  • Play drama games, laugh with new friends – and have fun!

Beginners 9 – 13 years old

Through theatre and improv games and scene work, students’ imaginations and creativity can blossom to their full potential. Students in our acting classes learn to create characters and trust their instincts. They build confidence while making new friends and developing independent thinking along the way.

This course is designed for students who are new to being on camera or those who want to further develop their audition skills and confidence. This is a fun class where students get to work with the latest sides from film, sitcom, episodic shows, and commercials. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure each blossoming actor receives individualized attention in our personalized acting classes for kids.

Intermediate/Advanced  9 – 13 years old

In this course, our young actors learn how to make a scene/audition come to life with vivid, compelling, personal choices. Our teachers
provide constructive feedback and direction so that students can confidently make unique discoveries in the scripts they are given.
In doing so, our young artists will give a unique, distinctive performance that will make them stand out!

Through the use of improvisation, preparation, and character work students learn to bring their own unique perspective to every role
they portray. Students learn about objectives, sense memory, moment before, character prep and conflict.